‘Jeopardy’ Champion Ken Jennings Talks About His $3.1 Million In Winnings

The most successful champion in the history of the Alex Trebek-hosted game show sits down with Howard

December 5, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

74-time ‘Jeopardy’ champ Ken Jennings stopped by to promote his new book, “Because I Said So!”

Told that Ben Stern was his biggest fan, Ken laughed: “That’s what everybody tells me. ‘My grandma loves you, man!’ When you hit a certain age in this country, you have to plan your life around ‘Jeopardy.'”

Asked for the secret to his $3.1 million success, Ken admitted a lot of it was technique: “The buzzer’s huge. On the TV, you see people flailing around like idiots, but it’s [really] tough.”

If you punch in before producers release the buzzer, “You’re not getting in. You’ll get locked out for a fraction of a second. So buzzing too early is like as bad as coming in too late.”