The Block Party Exodus

Shuli came in to say that JD was so averse to speaking, he recently turned down--despite his need for extra cash--the opportunity to fill in for Scott on a few Ronnie's Block Party tour dates. JD came in to explain that he'd at least tried it out: "Shuli asked me to fill in, but I'm not good at--it's not my thing." Howard didn't understand, as JD doesn't have do anything but stand onstage: "People go crazy when they see you." JD shrugged that he simply didn't see himself as a host: "I'm not a performer and I'm not comfortable doing it." Robin thought JD was shooting himself in the foot: "If you're looking for comfort everywhere in life, you're never going to get anywhere." JD said he'd already chosen his path--and it wasn't performing: "It's not my thing. I have a job. This is my job."