The Black Cloud: Finally Fired

Robin thought Shuli was naive to think things might go well ("You haven't worked with a star like Scott the Engineer."), but Howard thought Scott was foolish--if fired, he'd sacrifice $2,500/weekend of added income: "Sit quietly and enjoy your success." Shuli said it was too late, telling Scott: "I don't need the headache. You're fired. You're done. … You're welcome, Toronto! He's not coming." Ronnie, the Block Party's biggest draw and namesake, said he liked having Scott as his on-stage foil: "He's welcome to stay." But after hearing a few backstage clips, Shuli was adamant--Scott is fired: "This is who he is and he's not going to change. … Eventually it will lead back to this point." Robin sided with Shuli, laughing at Scott's claim to fair compensation: "He wants it to be fair? If it was fair, he would be in the audience."