Jenny McCarthy Did Her Homework

Jenny McCarthy stopped by to promote her new NBC series, 'Love in the Wild', and filled Howard with regret: "I should've banged you when I had the chance." Jenny shrugged ("I still would bang you. I did offer you it. And you turned me down.") that she was more than comfortable being naked: "That's nothing spectacular. To me, choking on your cock is more specific. Yes. I'm very very good at it." Jenny said she'd watched hours of porn to learn from the pros on YouPorn: "And really studied what the good ones do. I actually did blowjob homework." The secret, she learned, was to mix things up: "The women who are good at it know they have to multi-task on the cock." And when it comes to actual intercourse, Jenny has long favored "the calendar method" of contraception: "Why let the rubber have all the fun?"

Jim Carrey is "Different" in Bed

Howard asked why Jenny stopped visiting the show when she was married to Jim Carrey: "I felt like you kind of said to yourself, 'I've got to change my image.'" Jenny said "it was a really dark period of my life," explaining that her autistic son, Evan, "was" sick. Accordingly, she wrote 3 best-selling books on autism during the relationship--hardly Stern show material. Jim kept her happy: "He was good in bed, like different, because maybe--who knows?"

On Sex, Urlacher & Seagal

Before she left, Jenny discussed her unstoppable sex drive: "I have to masturbate every day. Sometimes twice a day." Her new boyfriend, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher: "He's very sweet and I'm very happy." And the time Steven Seagal tried to get her naked on the 'Under Siege 2' casting couch: "He said, 'You know, this role requires nudity.'"