Bradley Cooper & Dax Shepard

August 20, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bradley Cooper and Dax Shepard stopped by to promote their new film, ‘Hit & Run.’ Brad said they’d been”best friends, pretty much” for over a decade, a connection Dax exploited to get him in ‘Hit & Run.’ Dax laughed that Brad has turned him down before: “The most recent movie I wrote that we were going to do together, he said, ‘It’s a little bit too much like ‘The Hangover’ for me.'”

Never Again: The Ping-Pong Ball Trick

Before leaving, Brad told Howard about a ‘Hangover 2’ scene that went wrong when a Thai stripper shot a ping-pong ball from her vagina: “Into my mouth. True story. … It didn’t go [directly] in my mouth. It touched my lower lip. But that’s enough.” Not comforted by the disinfectant wipes on-hand, the actor frantically searched for an industrial grade solution: “I went back the hotel and I got peroxide.