David Spade Reveals How He’s So Successful With the Ladies

Stern Show guest also discusses hanging out with Ellen DeGeneres

February 19, 2013
Photo: CBS

Pressed about his infamous success as a ladies man, David Spade told Howard he never chased women.

“Once they get that whiff that you’re crazy about them, they move on in their heads, like, ‘Got this one. Next.'” he said. “If you play it a little more straight and take your time to see if there’s anything real there? Of course they’re sexy, of course it’s fun fucking. That’s the easy part. But the other 23 hours and 59 minutes.”

David hasn’t always been so successful though. Early in his career, he tried to get with Ellen DeGeneres. “I went over to her condo,” he explained. “She was like, ‘Come over and watch TV.’ which I thought was my cue … [but] I didn’t make any moves. I was scared.”

David told all his friends he was thinking of asking her out. “It took a while before I got the news,” David said. “Meanwhile, she’s setting off ‘gaydars’ in Japan.”