‘Jesus Is My Lover’

March 26, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

From pornstar, to neo-Nazi, to priest, today’s guest Joseph Sciambra has worn many different hats in his life – but not anymore He especially rebukes being labeled as gay, but Howard’s not buying it: “You’re clearly gay. You’re very effeminate.”

Joseph claims he’s been celibate since 1999. He doesn’t deny that he likes guys, but he insists that he was not born gay. It wasn’t until the devil entered him (through anal sex, he claims) that he became a homosexual, and it all started when his brother showed him pornography as a child, which traumatized him. But rather than run away from sex, Joseph ran towards it.

At 18, he was already getting gangbanged. Next came porn, which lead to hardcore sex scenes that included pissing and shitting on film. But as deviant as that behavior is, Joseph believes it’s the norm for ALL gay guys, because they are incapable of settling down with one person. (“My experiences are not unusual.”)

Howard then tried to convince Joseph not all gay men have a history like his, and that he knew at least ten happy, healthy, gay couples. But Joseph has no interest in finding a partner, be it a girl or a guy. For him, it’s all about Jesus now: “Jesus is my lover. He gives me everything I need.”

If you’re interested in more of Joe’s thoughts, check out his book “Swallowed by Satan,” which is available now.