The Batmund

June 10, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

This morning, the moment we had all been waiting for finally came to pass: Ronnie the Limo Driver dyed his mustache… and had it shaved into the Batman logo.

We brought in Mike the Barber, a man used to shaving all kinds of wild designs into heads and faces, to do the deed. Turns out he’s never done a Batman mustache or worked on a limo driving icon before.

Final Verdict: Everyone loved it, and it looked even better than Howard imagined it would: “Ronnie looks fifty times better with the logo than his regular mustache.”

(See all the pics in the Mund-Man Gallery)

Later in the show, Ronnie came in to brag about all the compliments his new look is getting. Seth Rogen’s people loved it, and Wendy Williams’ husband loved it too, Ronnie said. But the dark dye job made Ronnie uncomfortable, so he threatened to shave it right off tonight, despite Howard and Robin begging him to leave it as is.

Stay tuned for the State of the ‘Stache tomorrow.