Eric the Actor Reveals He’s a Wheelchair Athlete

Wack Packer takes umbrage with the idea he couldn't stand up to an angry wrestler

August 20, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

At the top of the show, Eric the Actor, called in and Howard played a new clip from his nemesis, wrestler Bobby Roode, who promised Eric that he’ll make him a wrestling manager (which is Eric’s new dream) as long as he comes to the upcoming Bound for Glory event.

As soon as the show is over, however, Bobby promised to kick Eric’s ass and then tie balloons to his chair and watch him float back to his apartment is Sacramento.

Robin Quivers pleaded with the Wack Packer to go to the event because there’s no way Bobby would kick his ass. Howard agreed that you can’t kick the ass of a person who has the mobility “of a stuffed animal.”

Eric took umbrage with this, revealing for the first time that he was “a wheelchair athlete.”

What is a wheelchair athlete, you ask? Eric claims he played wheelchair soccer, wheelchair baseball and wheelchair bowling – all of which we’d love to see. But how on earth does someone with Eric’s profound handicaps play a game like baseball? Easy, Eric said. With the ball on a tee he can use an electric bat where he’ll just have to push a button.

So, as Robin pointed out, he was basically just hitting a button.

Howard’s final thought: “Life’s a bitch.”