Long Live the Queen!

September 9, 2013
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The outpouring of well wishes from the fans and media alike this morning have been overwhelming. Here is what some of you are saying about Robin’s big reveal this morning:

twitter reaction to robin

@laurahodgesmtl in tears listening to robin tell her story! We love robin!

@teddion8993: It would not be The Howard Stern Show without @rqui.

@eklos: Much love to you Robin. The bond you have with Howard is unbelievable. What a blessing!

@SuzieSeagraves: Robin ur an amazingly strong woman! What work ethic you’ve shown thru this. You have a huge support system behind u! #EffCancer

@katyruddrn: Times like this i realize how much @sternshow means to me…tears coming down my face for @rqui .So brave. @HowardStern loves her so much.

@Marygkh: From one cancer survivor to another, you are amazing @rqui – this conversation has me in tears ❤

‪@hmaust: This is one of the best @sternshow conversations ever. Thank you @rqui for your honesty!

@metsgirl29: god bless her! What an amazing and miraculous story!! #H100

‪@JimmyTraina: Any other @sternshow fans tearing up while listening to Howard & Robin talk about her cancer ordeal? Amazing radio.

@askewed: I’m going to cry listening to @rqui talk about her cancer. I love her and the people on the @sternshow more than I thought. #27yrListener

@BethStern: Robin is the bravest woman I know

robin in the news

It’s not just the fans, it’s the entire country that was moved by Robin’s story. Check out stories about Robin’s battle with cancer in