Mel B Visits the Stern Show

September 17, 2013

“Fook you!” – Mel B

Mike Tyson might not be fight-minded these days, but Mel B. sure is.

The other beautiful black woman in Howard’s life, his AGT co-judge Mel B. stopped by this morning and she came ready to spar.

Right off the bat, Howard asked her about her suicide attempt when she was a young girl. Mel confirmed it, saying it was tough being a mixed-race girl in her little English country town but when pressed further, she shouted “F*ck you!” for what turned out to be the first of many times.

(Her “F*ck” sounds more like “Fook” with her accent)

She claimed that the Spice Girls formed themselves and then hired Simon Fuller to represent them, which turned out to be great for both parties, as the group ended up selling 75 million records. They’re still together, according to Mel, just on hiatus because everybody is so busy.

In regards to her personal life, Mel was a little wild when she was young, with the mentality of a guy when it came to sex – so much so that she lived with another woman for five years. Mel admitted to being in love with her, and wouldn’t answer Howard when he tried to find out if she brought other women into bed with her husband. She did deny being attracted to her nanny, whom Howard said was really hot.

Then the talk finally turned to Mel’s most famous romance – the man who scorned her: Eddie Murphy. “F*ck you!” came Mel’s response, but she did end up sharing the story. The two fell in love quickly, but dated for a little while before they had sex. They even had their names tattooed on each other after only three months. Mel acknowledged that that was wacky, but said all people in the public eye are nuts.

Mel wanted Howard to know that even though she had to force him to get a paternity test to prove he was the father of their baby, Eddie was actually a great guy. And possibly returning to stand-up soon.

Mel wasn’t taking any sh*t from anybody – she even yelled Jason Kaplan as he tried to take photos of her sitting on the couch, telling him he’d better stand up and calling him a pervert. (another reason we don’t have any pics).

At the end of the interview, Mel got up and ran out without saying goodbye. Gary said he heard her yell “What an asshole!” on her way out, but she really just had to run over to the Today Show.

During Robin’s news, JD Harmeyer came in with clips of Mel across the street talking to Al Roker.

“I just did the Howard Stern Show,” she said. “I’m discombobulated.”