50 Cent We Speak Your Name

50 Cent stopped by to promote his new fitness book, 'Formula 50,' and admitted he had a dog named Oprah--a reaction to her comments on hip-hop: "Everything she said was wrong with it was on my CD." So 50 soured: "I started to dislike her, Howard, and then I had the opportunity to meet her." 50 said the shift in his own name's pronunciation (from "fifty" to "fiddy"), was due to Sharon Osbourne's accent: "It just caught [on]. It's amazing." Howard said 50's ex, Chelsea Handler, had a different name for him: "She said she called you Curtis." 50 nodded ("That was different. That was Curtis, yeah."), remembering that he used call her Gator in the bedroom: "Because you wrestle a gator. … If you don't hold on to her, you'll lose the whole place."