When Joel Punched Chevy

Before he left, Joel said the new season of 'Community' was filmed before Chevy Chase parted ways with the show. Chevy was a tumultuous presence on the set--there was no intervening: "When I'd try, he'd just want to fight me. Like, physically fight me." It's still hard for Joel to understand why Chevy was such a pill: "I wanted to be like, 'America loves you , dude. You've won.'" Chevy often said he was above sitcom work: "He would say, 'I'm a movie guy,' and I'd be like, 'Alright, movie guy...'" Howard asked if Chevy was insane, but Joel shrugged--the hours are hard on everyone. But still: "It's way better than being a citizen in Syria." He also confirmed that rumors of Chevy's on-set use of the n-word were true: "When he said it, I was like, 'We are now at Defcon 1.'" All of this made it difficult to hold back when they were filming a scene in which Chevy, pads in hand, trained Joel to be a boxer. As Chevy needled and needled and needled Joel to hit harder and not "like a pussy," Joel resisted the temptation--for a while--and finally unloaded, when the scene was in the can, with a hard left: "I separated his shoulder."