Benjy Steals the Show at the Christmas Party

January 6, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


While he didn’t show up in a duck costume, which he had requested permission to do, Benjy did manage to make the Stern Show Christmas party all about him.

He showed up with his girlfriend, Elisa – who is way too hot for Benjy – and the couple immediately disappeared. Some thought they’d ducked out early, but the truth was way weirder.

Benjy was sitting in the bathroom while Elisa was puking – for hours. Benjy claimed his girlfriend had been on a “juice fast” and hadn’t eaten anything that day, but some thought that booze had gotten the best of her.

Howard pointed out that every year Benjy does something to draw attention to himself- like wearing an outrageous outfit, or being inappropriately sexual with his date.

Howard was thankful that he wasn’t made aware of the scene this year, because he would’ve obsessed about it for the whole party.

Stern Show writer Richard Christy was so prepared to get wasted that he brought a Breathalyzer with him to the party – Richard is always thinking of the good of the show.

By 7:15 PM, fifteen minutes after the party started, Richard was already at a .08, which is the legal limit. By 12:10, just before he left for the night, Richard blew an astonishing .40, which is completely insane.