Ronnie Mund This or That Game

January 13, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


A lucky listener won a pair of tickets to the Birthday Bash by playing the grossest game in Stern Show history – The Ronnie Mund This or That Game!

She if you can get into the twisted mind and sexual tastes of Howard’s limo driver:

1) Would Ronnie rather have his nipples played with or his ass eaten?

2) Would Ronnie rather have a woman with large breasts or a tight vagina?

3) Would Ronnie rather finish in a girl’s mouth or on her face?

4) Would Ronnie rather eat a girl’s p*ssy or ass?

5) Would Ronnie rather have a vibrator on his ass or a woman’s tongue?

6) Would Ronnie rather make love missionary or doggy style?


We can’t imagine that you actually want to know the answers to these questions, but if you’re brave enough, here they are:

1) Nipples played with 2) Tight vagina 3) In a girl’s mouth because she hates it 4) P*ssy 5) Tongue 6) Doggy.

Bonus Question: Would we rather have our eyes and ears ripped from us or play this game again?

A: Take our eyes and ears, please.