How Do You Get Medicated Pete to Leave?

March 25, 2014

Former Stern Show intern, wack packer, and Leiberman Live regular Medicated Pete came in to update the audience on his life and promote his appearance on Howard 101’s .

Pete was scheduled for an 8:30 AM interview, but you wouldn’t have known that if you were working in the SiriusXM building. Pete showed up before 6 AM this morning, just to make sure he wasn’t late.

Pete is what you’d call an ‘overly-punctual’ person, often coming in more than an hour and half before his Leiberman Live appearances. He’s an eager (38 year old) kid, and he hopes that will help him in his search for love and a job.

He’s been unlucky on both fronts lately, applying to as many as five places per day in the booming Red Hook New Jersey entertainment business.

He did have a lady friend recently – a girl with Cerebral Palsy. They made love in a hotel room, and Pete said that being with a girl with CP was not too different from an able-bodied girl.

Unfortunately, the girl’s parents were not big fans of bad boy rebel Pete, and when he stayed over at their home for weekend, things got ugly.

Pete slept on the couch like a gentleman, but the girl’s parents found him annoying – which seems bizarre – and they eventually asked him to please leave their home. Pete basically ignored them, continuing to hang out with his girl and eat their food.

The girl eventually broke up with Pete. Why? She had a five year old son, according to Pete, and that was reason enough for him.

Howard suggested perhaps a Mail-Order bride for Pete, but he balked at the suggestion, asking ‘aren’t they mostly Russian?’

Since Pete is looking for work in broadcasting, and is a regular ‘talking head’ and ‘commentator’ on Lebierman Live, Howard asked him some current events questions to get his unique take.

Howard asked for his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act. Pete said it should definitely be implemented. When he was informed that it had been implemented, and that the number of uninsured people is at its lowest since 2008, he accepted it. Obamacare, on the other hand, is a ‘failure’ according to Pete.

Pete, true to form, will hang out at the SiriusXM building all day until his Leiberman appearance at 4:45. He’s stay here forever, if we’d let him.

Pete’s return to the show – and his many ticks – inspired Steve Brandano to draw this picture: Medicated Pete as The Tick