Porn Star Belle Knox Visits the Studio

March 31, 2014

Duke University student and porn star Belle Knox (or, as Anderson Cooper repeatedly referred to her: ‘Belle de Jour’) stopped by this morning to convince the world that she was happy and healthy, just paying her way through school by having rough sex on camera.

Belle is an 18 year old Duke University freshman. When her parents came to her and said they couldn’t pay her college tuition – which is $62,000 per year – and she’d have to take out a loan. Belle had a better idea. She decided she could make money by showing her cashbox on camera. She can make upwards of $1,000 per scene in the adult industry, so it’s not difficult for her to make her nut, so to speak.

Belle is wild both on and off screen, and she admitted that losing her virginity at sixteen unleashed a monster – an unleashed monster who, ironically, likes to wear a leash.

She opened up about her love of being ‘face-f*cked’, tied up, whipped, and led around on a leash. Howard asked if she had ever been made to eat from a dog bowl – she hadn’t, but gushed that she’d love the opportunity.

Belle really became s big news story when a friend of hers told fellow Duke students that she was in porn, and the timing of the discovery coincided with her father coming back from Afghanistan. People had to know how her dealt felt about his little princess bearing all to the world.

Belle swore up and down that she had a wonderful upbringing – ‘I couldn’t ask for better parents’ – and that she has a good relationship with her family. She was never raped or molested; she’s just a girl trying to earn a dollar. She implored the media to stay away from her parents and stop ‘maligning’ her father.

Belle recently bit back at Dr. Drew when he announced that he would bite down on a cyanide capsule if he were her father, saying ‘haha, you’re so funny.’

She’s not exactly up for anything though, as she revealed a strong distaste for older men. She recently showed for a scene with a guy who looked to be about fifty years old. She turned right around and said later, alligator! The guy was offended, but Belle held firm that it was her right as sex worker to refuse him.

Howard’s longtime stylist Ralph Cirella called in to say he was watching tons and tons of Belle Knox porn this morning and she really is hot. If Ralph says she’s hot, then she’s hot.

Belle assured everyone that she wouldn’t be lured away by the glamor of the porn world, she was very serious about completing her education and becoming a civil right lawyer, and we applaud her for that. For those of you who scoff at her ambition, can you prove 100% that Gloria Allred never ever dabbled in pornography? No, you can’t.

Still, some students don’t treat Belle well at school. She’s gotten anonymous death threats and someone even threatened to throw trash at her every day, which is a weird thing to threaten to do. Belle’s personal sex life has even slowed down on campus, and she’s looking for somebody to have fun with, or , as Robin would put it ‘f*ck [her] hard – like a teacher!’

Speaking of teachers, Belle admitted that there are some hot ones around campus, but she was careful to stress that she would never do anything to cause Duke to kick her out. At the price she’s paying, no one would blame her.

Anyway, don’t be prude. Buy Belle’s products and be sure to vote for her so she can win a Fanny Award.