Just Like Ed MacMahon (But on the Phone and Without a Check)

June 11, 2014

Everyone loves a good old-fashioned show business surprise! NBC is no exception, so they asked Howard to surprise an America’s Got Talent contestant late at night at a comedy club in Queens.

Howard said hell no! Pawn that off on Mel B!

Instead, Howard called another lucky and talented AGT contestant named Jonatan live on the phone this morning with some exciting news!

The Argentinian balance expert performs something called Rolla Bolla (check it out here, but this is not Jonatan) and Howard promised he was very impressive.

Howard dialed his number from the studio and, when he answered, Howard asked if he knew who this was calling him up. He did not. Howard claimed to be the president of Argentina but was foiled when Jonatan replied that Argentina has a female president.

In Howard’s classic prankster way, he acted as if he wanted to sincerely compliment Jonatan, but break the bad news that he did not get to go directly through to the Radio City Music Hall stage.

Jonatan had been waiting to hear his fate, and things didn’t look good for him. But WAIT! Howard did an about face and told that, in fact, he was put through and was on his way to superstardom like the Olate Dogs!

Jonatan was grateful, but Howard wanted more. In order to insure that this great moment would wind up on TV, he tried to lead Jonatan into heart wrenching story with lines like ‘When you were an orphan…’ and ‘When you were in the military and won the purple heart …’ and ‘Weren’t you sold to the circus as a child?’

Unfortunately, thought he may be an expert at balancing, he is not one of the great improvisers and he denied Howard at every turn.