Tan Mom Brain: The Game

June 16, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A lucky winner go to play the brand-new smash hit Tan Mom Intelligence Quiz! After six extremely difficult questions, he walked away with the prize. Do you know what Tan Mom does and does not know? Find out.

1) What is 50% of 500?

2) How many is in a baker’s dozen?

3) What does fornicate mean?

4) Who gave us the Statue of Liberty?

5) How many cards are in a deck?

6) What does CIA stand for?

1) No, Tan Mom said 5,000. 2) No, Tan Mom said 12. 3) No, Tan Mom said ‘it could be like planting flowers.’ 4) No, Tan Mom said Lincoln 5)No, Tan Mom said 24 6) No, Tan Mom said ‘Certified Intelligence Agency’

So it appears that Tan Mom got ever single answer incorrect, which really isn’t much of a game. How did this happen? Well, Sal thought that ‘Certified Intelligence Agency’ is what CIA stood for. That’s right, a professional writer and producer on the biggest radio show ever is on the exact same wave-length as a woman who is famous for allegedly taking her five year old daughter to a tanning salon.