Nicole Bass Finds a Macho Man

July 15, 2014

Longtime Stern Show fixture – and the world’s biggest female bodybuilder – Nicole Bass has been a little down lately.

Her husband passed away over a year ago. Nicole loved him very much, and she’s very sad that he’s gone, but he went doing what he loved most – banging super-hot Nicole Bass!

In truth, he passed away after they’d finished making love. Lying there in her postcoital haze, her afterglow lighting up the room, she turned over to cuddle with Mr. Bass. ‘I went to cuddle next to him and he was ice cold from the chest up.’

It certainly seemed like her mourning period was over today as she bounced into the studio in a tiny dress. Howard compared her entrance to Herman Munster, and he wasn’t wrong.

Nicole told the story of her husband’s passing and then dropped a bombshell Stern Show Exlusive: She may be bisexual. She blamed it on her years as a judge for bodybuilding contests, but she really does appreciate the female form as well as the male. She’s even been with a woman.

She’s also been masturbating a lot since her husband passed – take a moment to visualize that.

Contestants Zack, Taro and Ken

Anyway she was here with a purpose: she wanted to find a man. Howard proposed the idea of a Nicole Bass dating game a few months ago and was shocked that men actually wrote in wanting to f*ck Nicole!

Three of them – Zack, Taro, and Ken – were all in to vie for her affections.

Ken was a black gentleman who works for Geek Squad and lives in Tennessee.

Taro was a slightly nerdy, overweight guy who drove seven hours just to take a shot at Nicole.

And, finally, Zack was the (incredibly annoying) winner of the Prettiest Penis Contest.

All three claimed they were profoundly attracted to Nicole, and she bounced between them like a pinball before finally settling on Zack (for unknown reasons).