Meet the Anal Queen Adriana Chechik

There's a Queen of England, there's a Queen of All Media, there's a Queen of Soul, but this morning, the world met the Queen of Anal Sex

August 12, 2014

Adriana is a well-spoken, smart porn star who bounced around from foster home to foster home as a kid (thirteen in all). Being a child of the foster system may not be unusual for a porn star, but screwing one of your foster dad’s certainly is!

Now, Adriana was only six years old when she was cared for by this particular dad, and the situation was as normal as can be then. She was bounced out of that house at nine thanks to the system, but retained fond feelings for those particular foster parents.

Later on, as an adult, she met up with her former father, who was divorced by that point. They had a nice dinner and things got flirty. Adriana noticed that he was even touching her hair the same way he did when she was little girl. WEIRD!

As Adriana put it: ‘What girl wouldn’t want to f*ck their father-figure?’

They went back to his place, sat on his couch, and things got physical. She recalled him grabbing her ass and shouting ‘Yeah!’ while he referred to himself as ‘Daddy’ more than once. And, yes, they had anal sex.

Speaking of anal sex, Adriana has made a name for herself by bending over and taking it, recently by three men at once. She claimed she had eleven orgasms during that particular scene!

When she isn’t filming one of her many scenes, she still enjoys wild sex in her personal life. She’ll even put ads on Craigslist asking for guys to come over and bang her, while her ‘man friend’ watches.

She’s also into ‘sploshing’ and claims it’s her favorite thing in the world. Sploshing, for those of you who don’t know, is getting food involved in your sexual act – something JD Harmeyer probably does by default.

Recently, after a particularly sweet sploshing scene – with fist-sized jaw-breakers and gummy bears, she got a gummer bear head stuck inside her for almost two days. Eventually, it made its way into the toilet, thankfully.

Howard wanted ot know how far Adriana will go, and evidently the answer is pretty far. The only thing she said she flat-out wouldn’t do is bang a black guy. Not Barack Obama, not Denzel Washington, nobody.

However, when Howard pointed out that Robin was the original ‘splosher’ with her meat and vegetable masturbation technique, Adriana squealed that she was so taken with that that she was ready for Robin to be her first ‘interracial’ right then and there.

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