RIP: Pig Virus

Kevin "Pig Virus" Metheney, played by Paul Giamatti in "Private Parts" has passed

October 6, 2014

Over the weekend, Howard’s one-time nemesis and movie villain Kevin ‘Pig Virus’ Metheney passed into eternal life.

Howard spoke about how difficult it was to work for Kevin with his endless stream of memos and critiques.

The famous scene in Private Parts where ‘Kenny’ coaches Howard on exactly how to say ‘W-N-N-N-N-B-C just like ‘Mr. Imus’ does it is just one example of how the real program director tried to interfere with Howard’s show.

Howard felt that Paul Giamatti was such a great actor that the audience actually found something likable about ‘Pig Vomit’ (the name was changed for the movie) and that nobody but Howard, Robin and Fred know the true hell they lived.

‘He made my life a living hell’, Howard said. The worst part was that Howard could see how much Kevin enjoyed torturing him.

He would throw things at the glass while Howard was on the air and chastise him in memos he would send to the entire company just to humiliate Howard.

Fortunately, Howard was fired from WNBC, Howard’s super-agent Don Buchwald brought over a bottle of champagne, and the greatest radio show on earth really started to soar.