Aziz Ansari: Monster Success

Aziz Ansari sits down with Howard.

Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari is a big deal to a lot of people – including, evidently our own wack packer Hanzi, who called to express his excitement– but he's not what you would call a 'household name' just yet. Still, that didn't stop him from reaching the very top of the comedy mountain, two shows at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Only a handful of comics have attained that level of monster success, including Aziz's hero Chris Rock. Chris is actually the one who convinced Aziz to shoot his special at the Garden, instead of Toronto where he originally planned to tape.

Aziz sat down with Howard to talk about everything from comedy to arranged marriages, to unsuccessfully hitting on Blake Lively via text.

Here are the highlights from Howard's interview with Aziz:

Aziz grew up in South Carolina, brown to two Indian parents who were in an arranged marriage. While arranged marriage isn't something Aziz is looking for personally, he admitted that his parents had a better relationship than many 'love matches' he's seen in the world.

He was called the N-word as a kid because of his dark skin, but he didn't get made fun of any more than a fat kid or a nerdy kid; it wasn't terrible.

He got into comedy after college and now performs for and rubs elbows with people like President Obama and even President of the World Kanye West.

Aziz was invited to the White House to meet the Commander-in-Chief and hung around for a long time to make it happen. He was told that the president was very busy, but he overheard a secret service member saying Obama was heading out to play golf. Eventually, he met him and he found him to be a cool, down to earth guy.

Kanye West actually had Aziz come to his house and do some comedy for him and his friend (maybe his cable was out) and Aziz reluctantly performed. After some commotion in the kitchen, Kanye yelled at the offenders to shut up because Aziz was trying to tell some jokes. Fun party!

Aziz met super-hot actress Blake Lively and they sort of hit it off, even going so far as exchanging numbers. Aziz texted her more than a few times, trying to meet up, but most of his texts were left unanswered. He read through them for Howard, then texted Blake one final time to let her know.\

Aziz is in a happy relationship with a chef now anyway, and he recommends that any single guys out there hook up with a chef immediately.

Check out Aziz this Thursday night at Madison Square Garden.