Eating a Danish with Bill Murray

October 8, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Living legend – one of the true kings of comedy and one of the biggest movie stars of all time – Bill Murray stopped by the studio this morning as something of a surprise. Howard announced yesterday that a very special surprise guest would be here and early in the show, he revealed that it would be ‘Mr. Murray’.

Bill sauntered in munching a delicious breakfast Danish and Howard asked for his thoughts on his co-stars, his movies, and almost everything else in the world. We compiled the best of everything here:

Groundhog Day – Bill said doing the classic movie ‘Goundhog Day’ was rough, but he stuck it out because he knew it was going to be good. The production caused a rift between Bill and the film’s director, the late Harold Ramis, that lasted for over a decade

Harold Ramis – Bill sort-of fought for Harold to be in the movie ‘Stripes’. He wanted to play the part but the studio was interested in a bigger name. Bill was confident that they could do it with Harold. Did you have your chance to make up? Yeah, we made our peace a couple years ago.

Communication – Howard had heard that Harold wanted Bill to hire an assistant so they could communicate with him and Bill hired a deaf assistant to piss him off. Bill corrected Howard: ‘I happened to hire a deaf assistant because I had a moment of thinking ‘what’s it like to be deaf?’ They may have thought he hired a deaf girl to piss off Harold, but that wasn’t the case, according to Bill.

Even today, Bill is not into constant communication. It’s hard ot get a hold of him. He finally got a cell phone, but it’s only to text his sons – he doesn’t give his number out to very many people.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

David Letterman – ‘David is a wonderful guy and he is my friend,’ Bill said. Bill was even the first guest on Letterman’s ‘Late Show’. They’ve been to dinner but ‘he is also someone who has a whole lot to do.’

Gilda Radner – Bill dated Gilda while they starred together on Saturday Night Live. He described Gilda as the type of woman where every single man was either in love with her, had been in love with her or would be in love with her.

Ghostbusters – ‘It’s great’, Bill said. He wouldn’t have gotten the chance to do the movie if John Belushi – another comedy great – hadn’t passed away suddenly. ‘He was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.’ Bill said. ‘He could make fun out of nothing.’

Awards – Bill is one of the most decorated comedy actors of all time, but he’s not really wrapped up in awards and accolades. He appreciates that getting an Oscar nomination menas more people will go see your movie, but the awards he has just sit on a shelf in his house.

The Ones that Got Away – Howard asked Bill about some of the film roles he was reported to have turned down:

Tom Cruise’s role in ‘Rain Man’? There was something about Rain Main, yeah.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role in ‘Kindergarten Cop’? Bill says I don’t think so.

Denzel Washington’s role in ‘Philadelphia’? ‘You’re warm with that one,’ Bill said. ‘I would’ve liked that movie.’

Tom Hanks’ role in’ Forrest Gump’? Bill did have conversations about Forrest Gump, but it didn’t interest him. He still has not seen the movie.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bill Hader – Bill (Murray) heaped almost unbelievable praise on SNL alumn and yesterday’s guest Bill Hader, when he told Howard “I think Bill Hader probably did the best work anyone ever did on that show.”

Seinfeld – Bill watched only one episode of ‘Seinfeld’ – the last episode – and felt ‘it was terrible.’ Consequently, Bill has always associated ‘Seinfeld’ with being a bad show, despite its status as possibly the greatest sitcom of all time.

Women – Howard asked Bill why he hasn’t found the great love of his life. Bill said he does think about that, but he isn’t lonely. Still, he’d like a date to event like George Clooney’s recent wedding.

Check out Bill’s new movie St. Vincent, which is already getting great reviews and Oscar buzz.