NHL Hall of Famer, Bernie Parent, Has Man-Boobs

The ex-professional hockey player comes clean to Howard about a rare problem amongst men

Bernie Parent is a legend in the world of hockey, but he called up this morning to talk about something other than his skills as a goalie – he suffered for most of his life with a condition commonly known as man boobs.

He said he began to 'develop' breasts at one year old and he had them right up until a few months ago when he, like our own Robin Quivers, had a breast reduction. Hopefully, unlike Robin, his will not grow back.

Bernie was a full B-cup and wanted to spread the word about breast reduction for men. Thankful, Bernie didn't have to have surgery; it was a procedure that involved freezing the fat.

While he was too embarrassed by his big swinging breasts to hang out shirtless at the beach, it didn't seem to affect his sex life. He even admitted to having five women at once, which Howard pointed out was 'twelve boobs in one room'.

Thanks to Bernie for coming clean and giving hope to all the guys out there who might be suffering from the same condition.

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