Benjy Interviews Howard’s Wife, Beth Stern

The Stern Show writer gets a chance to interview the model, actress and pet activist

November 18, 2014

This morning we finally arrived at the moment we had all been waiting for: Stern Show writer Benjamin Percival Bronk interviewed Howard’s beautiful wife Beth Stern.

And every question you had about Beth was answered – assuming every question you had was about the very beginning of her relationship with Howard. Benjy got Beth to admit that she was unfulfilled in all her relationships before she met the man who would become her husband, and she cheated on all her boyfriends up until Howard.

After that, Benjy kept harping on that same answer over and over. Hey, whatever! We also learned that Beth is fine with Howard’s on-air talk about masturbation and that she’s very, very happy with their sex life.

Howard remained quiet and let Benjy conduct his interview, but Robin wasn’t as polite – finally yelling that Benjy was boring a hole into the “fucking earth.” Benjy told her to shut up and read the internet.

Listen, Benjy’s interview was fine, Beth was as lovely as ever and anytime we get the chance to spend some time with her, we’ll take it.

Beth wrote a children’s book all about Yoda Stern, the newest addition to Howard and Beth’s family. All the proceeds go to the North Shore Animal League and it’s a great holiday item for yourself, your friends, or your family!