Dishing with Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen!

December 9, 2014

Howard has always loved Sharon Osbourne and he also has recently fallen in love with Sharon’s ‘The Talk’ co-host Julie Chen. He’s always thrilled to see them when they stop by.

Let’s start with Julie Chen:

A slimmed-down Julie Chen walked through the door and Howard immediately took notice! Julie admitted that she’d gotten up to 148 lbs, but was now down to 128. Howard asked if Julie’s husband – CBS CEO Les Moonves – asked her to take the weight off, but it was actually the opposite: Les told her to stop. Apparently, he liked her larger breasts.

Julie recently (finally!) legally changed her name to Julie Chen-Moonves, which Les had been asking for for a while. She didn’t want to publicly change her identity, but it got to appoint where Les walked in to see their brand-new baby and the crib said ‘Boy Chen’ on it, which he wasn’t thrilled with.

Last time she was on, Julie was critical of the View’s decision to hire Jenny McCarthy – it was nothing against Jenny, she just didn’t see her as a good fit for that show. She turned out to be right, but admitted that she’d love to get Jenny (who currently hosts a daily show on SiriusXM) to join The Talk.

And now onto Sharon:

Longtime friend of the show, and Howard’s former America’s Got Talent co-judge, Sharon Osbourne is always totally open and candid on the show.

Howard asked Sharon about the rumor that Ozzy wants to revive their revolutionary reality show ‘The Osbournes’ but Sharon is against the idea. Sharon says she’s not for it or against it and they will do it if they can strike the right deal with the right network.

As he’s mentioned many times, Howard is fascinated by the fact that Sharon once had sex with Jay Leno. He can’t get enough of the story. Sharon always offers a little more of the story each time she’s on, this time it was that they probably didn’t use protection because it was the seventies. ‘You could’ve had Jay Leno’s baby!’ Howard cried. Sharon is confident Jay is not the father of any of her kids, announcing that if she and Jay had a kid ‘it would just be a chin in a chair.’

Since the Smashing Pumpkins were coming in next, Howard asked about Sharon’s longstanding feud with Billy Corgan. Sharon managed the band for about five months, and it ended in court. Sharon admitted that everyone has mellowed now.

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