Seth Rogen and James Franco Discuss the 'Interview' Controversy With Howard

Both Seth Rogen and James Franco have been frequent (and great) Stern Show guests in recent years, but we've never had them on together until this morning.

The modern day Abbott and Costello stopped by to promote their latest and perhaps most controversial film "The Interview," a fictional sendup about the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Both Howard and Gary Dell'Abate saw the movie and loved it and Howard was anxious to talk to the boys about the insane controversy swirling around their comedy.

Here are the highlights from Howard's interview with Seth Rogen and James Franco:

Seth co-wrote this movie and he spoke about last time he was on the show. The movie centers around a Billy Bush-style celebrity interviewer (played by Franco) who happens to capture the interest of North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Mr. Un wants Franco to fly to North Korea to interview him, but the C.I.A. has other ideas – they want James to assassinate the dictator.

North Korea was not thrilled. They called it "an act of war" and potentially hacked into Sony's system, resulting in leaks of sensitive emails and other media.

Both Seth and James seemed to take all this in stride, even laughing at the ridiculousness of a comedy film causing an international incident.

Seth agreed with Howard that the leak of private emails was an insane invasion of privacy. Part of the leak detailed both Seth and James' salaries for "The Interview" - Seth made $8.4 million while James made $6.5 million. Seth admitted this was accurate and credited his producer/director/writer role with netting him the extra $2 million.

Howard asked if either guy had ever been nude onscreen or seen the other's penis. The answer was no, but Seth revealed he was about seven inches (though he later joked he was measuring from his ass). Both Howard and James were amazed by this news, and James admitted that his was not quite as large.

Finally, Howard heard a story about rapper Kanye West performing his new album for Seth in his car and it turned out to be completely true. Seth was planning on eating a quiet dessert with his wife when Kanye approached him in his hotel lobby. Seth and James had just made their legendary "Bound 3" parody video (which mocks the Kanye and Kim Kardashian West original) so he was nervous that Kanye would be offended. Kanye surprisingly wasn't upset and even invited Seth and his wife to step into his limo to hear his new tracks.

When the beats started playing, Kanye started rapping. It sounded like he got through at least a big chunk of his still-unreleased album. Howard asked what you do when you're alone in a car with Kanye and he's rapping. Seth replied: "You fucking bob your head!"

Don't Miss Seth Rogen and James Franco in "The Interview." Check out the trailer (below).