World’s Worst Caller and Nicole Bass Keeps It Real

Howard announces the voting results for worst caller of all time.

December 17, 2014

After all of America sat on the edge of their seats all week, Howard announced the fans choice for worst caller of all time! (It means the most, because it’s from the people).

Here is how everything shook out:

Speech Impediment man came in last which means he is the best of the worst callers. Howard disagreed, but the fans had spoken and there was nothing to be done.

Jeff the Drunk came in second to last. Again, an upset, but that’s what happens when America decides.

Mariann from Brooklyn was third – Mariann is sweet, but in terms of a caller, this seemed appropriate.

Howard’s stylist Ralph Cirella was runner-up.

Finally, yes, Bobo is the world’s worst caller of all time. He writes every question out ahead of time, which makes fro stilted conversation. He ever wrote a speeck out in case he won. Callis Bobo, the worst of the worst.

After all was said and done, Howard got to think about other bad callers who didn’t make the list of nominees. Nicole Bass was one of these.

Anytime Nicole comes up, Howard and Robin get to reminiscing about the classic Stern Show moment when Robin went into a bathroom with Nicole and examined her vagina – to prove she was an actual female.

As Robin described it for Howard, he began sketching it and the two of them laughed and laughed.

Finally, Nicole called up and said: Howard – no cameras, no webcam, I’ll come in and show you my vagina. Soon, Robin, and Fred were also in on the deal and it is set for the week we get back from break.

Finally! Dreams really do come true!