Ike Barinholtz and His Stern Show Trivia

Bona fide Howard fanatic and celebrity Superfan flexes his show history knowledge

December 29, 2014

Sure, actor and comedian Ike Barinholtz is the star of the hit Fox series “The Mindy Project” and sure, he can currently be seen in the No. 1 movie in the country, “Neighbors,” his real occupation is a Grade A, 100 percent bona fide Howard Stern Show fanatic.

Ike walked in literally kissing the ground of the studio. He waxed poetic about growing up listening to Howard in Chicago, studying at Howard’s alma mater, Boston University – where he got so f*cked up on acid, mushrooms and weed that he got thrown out after his first year.


While back in Chicago, Ike would frequently play pickup basketball games with none other than the most famous community organizer in Illinois history – Barack Obama. Ike does a spot on impression of the president, possibly thanks to their countless games and smoke breaks together. “Don’t ever fucking undercut me kid!” Barinholtz yelled as Obama. “Ever!”

Ike started doing improv and eventually moved out to Los Angeles. In the city of (broken) dreams, Ike spent his days getting hassled by Pete Rose while waiting tables at Morton’s Steakhouse, and crank calling his buddy who worked at the Chateau Marmont, pretending to be various celebrities. “Hi this is John Leguizamo,” he’d say, or “This is Bono…” before demanding crazy services.


Ike was amazed at how much weed box office golden boy Seth Rogen smoked while still maintaining one of the biggest careers in comedy. “He’s like a stoned mogul,” Ike said. One day, when Ike had about nine hours to kill before shooting, Seth got him outrageously high off two hits (naturally, Seth has the best weed in the world).

Of course, as these stories go, there was change in sunlight and they decided to shoot Ike’s scene right away, while he was high as a kite.


Ike is such an enormous fan of the Stern Show that he thought he could stump not only Howard and Robin, not only Fred Norris and Stern Show memory bank Gary Dell’Abate, but also Celebrity Stern Show Superfan contest winner Jimmy Kimmel.

See how well you do:

1) What was Sal Governale’s rap name and what was the name of one of his songs?

2) What is the movie Richard watches every year on his birthday while eating Papa John’s Pizza?

3) What is the name of Eric the Actor’s caretaker?

4) What is the name of Riley Martin’s wife?

5) KC Armstong famously said he likes to ______ his meat.

6) What was the name of the Jesus Twins’ song, which they begged Howard to include on the soundtrack to “Private Parts”?

7) What was the name of the guy who came in with his stuffed dead daughter?


1) Cool the Candy Rapper (or G Man) and ‘Free Jon Gotti’ (or ‘Shake Shake Shake’) 2) Halloween 3) Jon 4) Joy 5) Serenade 6) “Feel My Ubiquity” 7) Anthony Zipper and his daughter Calistra