One Night Inside Amy Schumer

Comedienne and Stern Show regular Amy Schumer stopped to thank Howard for her big break and celebrate her very first one night stand.

First off, Stern Show superfan Judd Apatow heard Amy on the show and, like he did with Lena Dunham before Amy, he called her up and said he'd love to hear any ideas she might have. It just so happened that Amy did have an idea for a movie and wrote up a script in ten days. Judd read it and was sort of luke-warm about the script, but he and Amy worked up something else and Amy wrote a better script. Judd liked it so much that, for the first time ever, he's directing a script he didn't write. The movie is called 'Trainwreck' and it starts shooting in May.

Amy was also in the mood to celebrate another major milestone in her life: her very first one night stand. Amy sat next to a military man on a plane recently and found herself so attracted to him that it was 'a chemical reaction.' Though it was a very smooth flight, she gripped his arm as if some phantom turbulence made her nervous. 'Oh my God,' she nervously gushed, 'did you feel that?'

He was British (probably still is) and wasn't aware that she was incredibly famous in the US, so she was able to relate to him on a person-to-person level. They exchanged emails and ended up meeting later that night. They made out at a bar and she took him to her hotel room. They had sex three times before she kicked him out. 'He was like an animal and it was nice,' she said.

She was so enamored with the experience that she is loath to repeat it. She doesn't want to spoil a perfect one night stand.

Amy is also celebrating the second season of her smash hit Comedy Central series 'Inside Amy Schumer', which going gangbusters.