Howard and Bam and Novak and Nikki

Bam Margera and his friend, bandmate, co-star and punching bag Novak stopped by the show this morning (along with Bam's wife Nikki). The stories were so out of control, that we've gathered tem together for you as best we could.

Here are the highlights from Howard conversation with Bam and Novak and Nikki:

While it's been a few years since the last Jackass movie, Bam has not stopped filming dangerous and bizarre stunts. He's gearing up to put out a brand new movie called 'I Need Time to Stay Useless', which he says will include stunts dating back to when he was eight years old.

He's also on tour with his band F*ck Face Unstoppable, which he swears is huge in Europe. Bam brought along his bandmate and cohort Novak, who has no talent musically, but sings Phil Collins' hit 'In the Air Tonight' as 'Pill Collins' at the F*ck Face shows.

Novak is a wildcard to say the least. When he stole and crashed Bam's $120,000 Mercedes one day, Bam decided that since Novak had no money to pay for the damage, he would prank, hurt and f*ck with him for the foreseeable future as payback.

The pranks include, but are not limited to:

* Installing a trapdoor somewhere in his house that leads to a kiddie pool filled with piranhas. The trap has yet to be used, but Bam promised that he'll get Novak when he least expects it.

* Bam burned Novak on the back with a hot iron, then poured dirty kitty litter and blue paint on the wound. No explanation as to why, but it sounds unpleasant.

* Bam smashed Novak in the head with two plates of tacos, which is painful, but also a wasteful use of tacos.

* While filming Bam's new game show, Bam's Bad Ass Game Show, one stunt involved a plexiglass booth filled with cash and a large fan. Novak volunteered to try it out, grabbing at the money as it swirled around him. After the fan stopped, Novak pressed his lips against the glass, trying to kiss Bam to express his happiness. Bam went in for a kiss, but decided to punch the plexiglass instead. It knocked Novak's took back into his throat.

Bam and Novak laughing it up on air


Novak seemed pretty open sexually, but he admitted that he doesn't like it when he's called gay. Once in a while, some dude will call him gay and Novak feels the need to prove that isn't.

How does he prove that he isn't gay?

He sucks the guy's d*ck. Really. He did it once onstage with Bam's band F*ck Face Unstoppable and even to a male intern on Bam's SiriusXM radio show.

He doesn't suck to completion, he just gives it a few pulls. Sounds pretty straight to us.

Novak did admit that he would suck the penises of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

Bam's wife Nikki

Novak doesn't just give, he can also receive. Once on an airplane, Bam was exhausted and complaining and finally fell asleep only to begin jerking Novak off. Novak let the stroking go on for eight solid minutes because he was relieved that Bam had finally 'shut the f*ck up.'

He also admitted that he let a gay roommate shave his asshole for $10 back in his heroin days.


Bam divorced his first wife Missy, but insists they remain best friends. 'Missy is a Margera and she always will be', he said. He met his current wife, Nikki, just as his marriage was going downhill. Bam said that once he and Missy got married, he felt like he had to be a grown up, and Bam is no grown up.

Nikki came in to talk a little bit about being married to Bam (and, from the sound of it, being married to Novak too).

Nikki and Bam admitted that they do make love in front of Novak sometimes, and he admitted to masturbating to them having sex. They also occasionally both bang their women in the same room. Novak also shares their bed from time to time because Bam doesn't want to pay for Novak to get his own hotel room.

Nikki is pretty wild too, and she detailed her multiple vaginal and taint piercings. Howard wondered if she sets metal detectors off (she admitted the piercings did show up at an airport scanner once) and decided to try to see if a magnet would stick to her private parts.

Yup, the magnets stuck to her metal taint piercing. Science!

Media producer JD Harmeyer came in with magnetic balls and Nikki dropped her pants. Bam found out that there is a definite magnetic pull, but it wasn't strong enough to hold the magnets up by themselves.

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