Mindy Kaling's Wonderful Journey

The “Mindy Project” star stops by the Stern Show

Mindy Kaling, dynamic comedienne and star of The Mindy Project on Fox, stopped by this morning. She and Howard had never met, and they both had a lot to say to each other.

Mindy grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts and – for the record – she is Indian. Her mom was an OBGYN and her dad is an architect. To her parents chagrin, Mindy's math skills were sorely lacking. She was, however, pretty gifted in writing. She attended Dartmouth before moving to New York City with her best friend Brenda to make it big.

They wrote and starred in a play together called 'Matt & Ben', where Brenda played Matt Damon and Mindy played Ben Affleck. The play was a smash hit – even Steve Martin loved it – and she was hired a writer on the hit NBC sitcom 'The Office'.

Mindy already felt old at twenty-four given that this was her first TV gig and the other writers all started at twenty-one, but it didn't slow her down. Eventually, Mindy got to act in some episodes of 'The Office', usually just saying a line or two.

Even though she was working on a hit show, her dream gig was still being a cast member on 'Saturday Night Live'. She got the opportunity to audition for SNL after season two of 'The Office', and her boss ('Office' creator Greg Daniels) told her that it was a good opportunity IF she was offered a role in the cast. If she was just offered a writers position with the possibility of some performing, he said it was the same as the job she already had and he wouldn't let her out of her contract.

Mindy went out to audition, did her best Ben Affleck sketch, and was offered a writing position with the possibility of some performing. She quickly headed back to LA and the office.

After The Office ended, Mindy pitched her own pilot 'The Mindy Project' to NBC. They passed, but Fox snapped it up. She's now living out her dream, writing and starring in her own show.

Mindy dated her office co-star BJ Novak for a while, but she has yet to find 'the one'. 'The one', she imagines, probably looks something like Bradley Cooper. Mindy isn't lighting a candle for Bradley, though. She said she longs to be like one of those 'dainty, f*ckable' girls, but she just can't eat like they do.

Once Howard got a handle on Mindy's life, she had a few words for him. She and the writers watch Howard's appearances on Letterman in their writer's room and she wanted to compliment Howard on his relaxed demeanor. Howard admitted that he gets incredibly nervous before a talk show appearance, which Mindy found comforting.

Mindy also wanted to know how Howard's wife Beth focuses so much of her time on animals when she is so hot. Mindy admitted that if she were as hot as Beth, she'd be constantly preoccupied with how she was.

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