Delusional Wiper Syndrome

February 2, 2015

On a recent morning in Stern Show history, Howard and Robin got to talking about their wiping technique and how odd anyone who folds the toilet paper over is.

Naturally, this show is staffed with a higher than average percentage of odd people, so we had a ‘folder’ right here.

Today, writer Sal Governale demonstrated his technique. It turned out that Sal doesn’t just fold his paper into a square to wipe – he continues to fold it over even if it has shit on it to use a clean side.

Gary Dell’Abate came in with some Reeses brand peanut butter and chocolate spread so that Sal didn’t actually have to defecate in the studio.

He planned to just squirt it right on the toilet paper, but Sal wanted to present a thorough demonstration. ‘It appears he wants me to put it in his ass’, Gary announced.

Gary obliged and Sal wiped and folded, wiped and folded, wiped and folded. His number of folds was are four and he swore he had no ‘shit’ on his hands. Except there was ‘shit’ all over his palm and fingers.

Sal screwed up, alert Howard 100 News!