His Name Is Kid Rock!

Rock star and private-jet owner returns to the Stern Show

February 25, 2015

Kid Rock is the ultimate rock star — it’s right in his name, after all — and he’s always a great guest on the Stern Show.

Today was no exception as the Kid sat down and talked to Howard about making music, trailer-and-private-jet lifestyle, and Pamela Anderson.

Music and Money

Kid Rock has recently resumed touring (right now with the band Foreigner) and he told Howard he charges fans just $20 for tickets. He says his plan is working. as he still makes money even though his fans don’t have to spend much.

Kid has double-wide trailers all over the country and he lives a sort of humble existence, except for his Toto toilets and his private jet. He has guns galore and even a few canons, which he’s actually fired.

Kid also told Howard he was married to Pamela Anderson for just “the right amount of time,” adding that being married is a lot of fun.