Bronk and Jordana At War

March 9, 2015

Benjy Percival Bronk – Stern Show writer – seems to finally be broken up with his longtime on and off (but lately mostly off) girlfriend, Elisa Jordana. And the break up has not been pretty.

Elisa has a daily, seven hour podcast where she talks about anything and everything that’s on her mind. It’s only interesting, however, when she fights with Benjy. And boy does she fight with Benjy.

Benjy recently popped up on the podcast and called her a bitch, told her to shut up several times, and also called her a piece of shit, for good measure.

Benjy alleged that he has footed the bill for their entire relationship – including rent and meals.

Elisa countered that he set a cap on her meals at $15 and often makes her share an entrée with him, but he always eats the whole thing. After all, Benjy is ‘obese’ as Elisa put it.

On the podcast, Benjy shouted at her to get a job and Elisa broke down in tears.

Elisa called in to continue the epic fight. As she went to h ang up, Benjy shouted ‘please unblock my phone number!’

But it was too late, she was gone.