Cedric the Entertainer and Louis CK Get Racial

March 10, 2015

(Cedric with one woman who definitely knows how to drive a boat)

When Cedric the Entertainer landed his own Fox sketch show ‘Cedric the Entertainer Presents’, he hired the great Louis CK to write for him.

Louis, who has gone on to be recognized by all of America as one of our greatest comedic minds, was then still thought of as a ‘comedians comedian.’

But Cedric knew talent when he saw it. And Louis didn’t disappoint!

One of Louis’ most memorable ideas was a simple one: ‘You guys dress up as slaves on a ship and you’re gonna overthrow massa!’

Pretty ballsy for the palest white guy in America, but Cedric and the rest of the team rolled with it.

‘What happens once the slaves take over the ship?’ you ask?

Naturally, none of the slaves knew how to drive a ship.