Cedric the Entertainer Stops by the Stern Show

King of comedy talks Louis CK, Bernie Mac, and more

March 10, 2015

Cedric the Entertainer stopped by the Stern Show on Tuesday and the comedian didn’t hold back. He spoke about landing his own Fox sketch show “Cedric the Entertainer Presents,” and why he hired the then-relatively unknown Louis CK to write for him. But Cedric knew talent when he saw it, and Louis didn’t disappoint. One of Louis’ most memorable ideas was a simple one. “You guys dress up as slaves on a ship and you’re gonna overthrow massa!” Cedric recalled, saying he and his team rolled with hit.

Not Bernie Mac

Cedric the Entertainer said he loves the late great Bernie Mac, but he also wanted everybody to know not all hilarious black men are the same person.

He told Howard people are constantly confusing him with Bernie, who passed away in 2008. In fact, Cedric recently read a tweet on Twitter where someone was elated to find out he was still alive. “I thought Cedric the Entertainer was dead!” he recalled them writing.

Cedric and Howard both praised Bernie’s comedic talents, wondering why he wasn’t recognized as one of the best stand-ups of all time.

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