Hanzi vs. Everyone

Make sure to delete this before Hanzi read it. You know, conspiracy stuff.

March 25, 2015

Wack Packer and regular caller Imran ‘Hanzi’ Khan left a voicemail last night asking for his SiriusXM account to be reactivated. Of course, since he’s Hanzi it went something like ‘Yo, you think you could like, maybe, put my f*cking account back on like f*cking Mariann from Brooklyn gets a free account.’

Well, Howard and Robin both took umbrage with Hanzi’s attitude. But they had nothing on Mariann from Brooklyn. She called up fuming, and seemed to drop more F-bombs than she ever has in show history.

She yelled at Hanzi and clarified that she pays for three subscriptions, HOW DARE YOU. To be fair, Mariann does not ask for hand-outs – she always pays her own way and usually takes care of others as well.

Howard does give her a box each season at America’s Got Talent, but all AGT tickets are free, and Mariann shares her box with other superfans and Wack Packers.

We have to give this one to Mariann!