High Pitch Erik and ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg Act Out a Love Scene in the Studio

Wack Packer also tries convincing the actor to let him make a cameo appearance on the CBS police drama

March 30, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Monday was a day listeners had been anticipating for a long time: Wack Packer High Pitch Erik came into the studio to meet his hero, idol, and sexual fantasy – Donnie Wahlberg.

As Stern Show fans might remember, Erik had once revealed he’d masturbated to the show “Blue Bloods” as well as its star, Donnie. On Monday, the Wack Packer copped to wanting to do all sorts of sexual activities with the actor, but only if he were “playing” the part of his real-life wife, actress Jenny McCarthy.

Erik also revealed he wanted to appear on “Blue Bloods,” which led some to speculate all the talk of sex was just him trying to get a part on TV. As perhaps an audition of sorts, Erik and Donne acted out two stirring scenes together on the air – one romantic gem where Erik played Donnie’s wife and one hard-hitting interrogation scene where Erik brought the character of a drug dealer to life.

After their scene work Donnie walked over and sat on Erik’s lap for some improv. “I’m a female,” Erik told him. “And females are about piercing their vaginas.”

Erik was smitten and Donnie promised to try to get the Wack Packer some kind of cameo role on “Blue Bloods.” At the end of the day, Erik insisted he only had eyes for one Wahlberg. “Mark [Wahlberg] does not exist to me,” he said.