Benjy Bronk and Elisa Are Still Broken Up

Staffer shares some updates about his love life

April 13, 2015

Howard and Robin Quivers were not on the radio last week, but their absence didn’t stop Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk and his constant need for attention!

Benjy’s ex-girlfriend Elisa has a nightly show called ‘Kermit and Friends’ (it’s named after her dog) and Benjy is a frequent guest (almost a sidekick). The show isn’t great, though Benjy swears that Elisa has gotten good at it.

Howard played some clips this morning of Elisa and Benjy arguing – once again – about their relationship and about the money Benjy shells out to her. Evidently, Benjy promised to support Elisa for one year after she broke up with him – Howard astutely pointed out that it’s a lot like alimony even though Benjy and Elisa were never married.

As if their break-up weren’t difficult enough on Benjy (and his wallet), Elisa appears to have already fallen in love with another man – former enemy of the late Eric the Actor, Gonzo Shitc*ck.

With a name like Gonzo Shitc*ck, we probably don’t have to explain his charm and allure to you, but Benjy claims Elisa is attracted to him because she loves the Muppets so much and Gonzo is a Muppet. Howard played a brand new song Elisa wrote.

It goes like this:

“You turn me on, Gonzo.

You turn me on, Gonzo.

You turn me on, Gonzo.

You turn me on, Gonzo.”