Show Rundwon: Wednesday May 20, 2015

Longtime friend of the show Jim Breuer stops by

May 20, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Longtime friend of the show Jim Breuer stopped by on Wednesday and was as entertaining as ever.

Naturally, the big topic on Howard mind was “Saturday Night Live” — specifically the “SNL 40” special and the Rolling Stone ranking of every “SNL” cast member ever.

Jim went to the “SNL 40” special and had a great time — despite the fact his seats were pretty far back – far enough to be next to the great Gilbert Gottfried (who, naturally, had a few complaints about those who got to sit in front of them).

As for the show itself, Jim was just as baffled by Eddie Murphy as the rest of the world was.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Speaking of “Saturday Night Live,” when Rolling Stone put out their list of all the cast members in “SNL” history, it ranked Jim at an appallingly low No. 139 (out of 141).

Jim admitted the list made him lose his respect for Rolling Stone and he couldn’t believe such a storied magazine was calling “SNL” cast members “assholes” and “douchebags” when they were just trying to make a living on a sketch show.

Check out Jim’s new comedy special!


Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In honor of David Letterman’s final show tonight, we asked our own Evil Dave Letterman if he knew what various common sex-related phrases meant. Let’s just say, he didn’t know many.

1) Yeast Infection?

2) Motor-boating?

3) French Kiss?

4) Bareback?

5) Golden Shower?

6) ‘Pop her cherry’?

7) Fisting?

8) Tossing Salad?

9) Orgy?

10) Testicles?

Answer: 1) No 2) No 3) Yes! 4) No 5) No 6) No 7) Yes, he really explained fisting perfectly 8) No 9) Yes! 10) Surprisingly, he thought testicles was ‘everything