Nicole Bass Caught Shoplifting Over $1K Worth of Groceries

Wack Pack legend tells Howard she's fallen on hard times financially

June 29, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wack Pack legend Nicole Bass – world’s biggest female bodybuilder – is a very good person. She lost her husband last year and has been trying to regain her footing ever since.

Howard was surprised to open the New York Post and see that our beloved Nicole had shoplifted from a grocery store.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, the price of the stolen goods – over $1,300 – sure was.

AND, not only is $1,300 a lot to walk out of a store with, over $1,200 was on foodstuffs. The rest was cosmetics.

‘I eat a lot of protein and meat is very expensive’, Nicole told Howard via the phone this morning. She blamed the theft on her financial situation, which has gotten so bad that Joey Boots set up an online Relief Fund to try to get her $500.

Howard suggested Nicole try to get a regular job – not a wrestling or show business gig, but Nicole was reluctant.

‘I’m such an oddity,’ she said. ‘Why not capitalize on it?’

Longtime friend of the Stern Show Wayne Siegel called and offered Nicole a job delivering parts to body shops. Everyone agreed that this seemed like a good fit for Nicole, but she didn’t know.

‘I can’t right now,’ she protested. ‘My car is in the shop.’

Let’s hope that she exchanges money for her goods and services from now on.