Sal Governale Takes on the Homeless

Stern Show writer has a bone to pick

July 21, 2015
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show writer Sal Governale has a a problem – well, he has many problems, but the thing that’s got him down the most right now is New York City’s homeless problem.

Sal walks to the train station from work every day and he’s tired of seeing what he terms drugged-out, able-bodied young adults using their cats and dogs as props to beg for money on the sidewalk

While there are certainly many people who are annoyed by this, most don’t photograph the homeless and rant about them on Facebook like this:

‘Hey folks, if you want to see a drug addicted, able bodied loser on every other corner with their fake “need help” signs while they endanger cats and dogs (which are used as sympathetic pawns for your donation) come to 7th ave! And please don’t forget to thank De Blasio!! He’s doing a great job!’

What has the world come to when a married father can’t safely walk to his favorite Times Square peep booth?