Kirstie Alley's Birthday Party

TV and movie star Kirstie Alley stopped by this morning to promote absolutely nothing except the fact that she likes Howard and she wanted to celebrate their January 12th birthdays together.

First off, she looked great – she'd lost 50 lbs thanks to Jenny Craig. She sat down and celebrated with Howard – talking about everything from her sex life to Scientology to her unique family living situation.

She even sang a song:

Here is the best of the conversation from Howard and Kirstie's joint on-air Birthday Bash:

Kirstie is no push-over when it comes to her kids, but as long as they aren't 'dilatants', she will let them live with her communally – what she calls 'Italian Style'. They have to contribute to the household by putting in some work, and her steadfast rule is no 'banging' in the house. If either of her kids are in a serious relationship, that's a different story, but she's not into random hook-ups at Alley Manor.

Her daughter was in a serious relationship recently – in fact, her boyfriend lived with the Alleys. Unfortunately, he was way into motorcycles and was killed in an accident just before Thanksgiving, which was devastating for the whole family.

Still, life is for the living, so the birthday party continued. While they were on the subject of her kids, Howard asked if she's friendly with their father – actor Parker Stevenson, to whom Kirstie was married from 1983 – 1997. The answer was no, but they are on speaking terms. It took a long time for Kirstie and her ex-husband to start talking again – in fact, she laughed, it just happened this year.

Howard asked about Kirstie's controversial religion: Scientology. Kirstie's kids are both into it, she said, and she herself is now an Operating Thetan level seven! There're only eight levels that have any openings right now, so Kirstie is almost as high as she can go. Howard asked about former Scientologist Leah Remini and Kirstie's feelings about the remarks that she'd been shunned by Scientologists. Kirstie said that if everyone was distancing themselves from her, she would ask herself what she's doing to turn everybody off. That was her feeling about that.

It's not just family that has the run of Kirstie's properties – she also has many, many animals, including fourteen lemurs. She used this extravagance to illustrate her relationship with money – 'I spend it like a ho'.

'You have more animals than we do, Howard said, amazed. 'Are there cats and dogs sleeping in your bed at night?' 'Absolutely.'

And what kind of havoc does this wreak on Kirstie's love life? She's not a very big dater, it turns out. She has been going out with some of the guys who've asked her but she realized that she isn't the best date. She has no tolerance for guys who aren't funny or are arrogant. She did promise to call up one morning while she's making love and tell Howard and Robin exactly how good or bad the sex is, so we can all look forward to that!

In terms of her acting career, Kirstie is looking toward Broadway next – either the musical 'Mame' or a stage version of her cult movie 'Drop Dead Gorgeous'.

She's always been pretty confident and determined when it came to her chosen profession, so she'll probably get both projects made.

She landed in LA after a cocaine addiction gave her the courage to get the hell out of Kansas. Once she got to LA, where everyone is high on cocaine all the time, she stopped doing the drug. Right away, though she had no real power, she didn't take any shit. If she was offered a interview at some producer's house in Malibu, she said 'I don't do interviews at houses, I do interviews at offices.'

Food was harder to kick than cocaine – which she was into early in her career. Cocaine gave her the courage to get out of Kansas – then once she got to LA, she didn't do drugs.

She got roles right away, the first notable one being 'Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn'. Howard read that William Shatner allegedly rubbed his crotch into Kirstie during the filming, but Kirstie didn't remember anything like this.

Kirstie did remember him doing something with his hand – like touching her ass – but she firmly told him not to touch her and that seemed to be the end of that.

Before they parted ways, Howard gifted Kirstie with something she'd waited her whole life for - a beautiful signed headshot.