Bradley Cooper Doesn’t Think He’ll Get an Oscar Nod for ‘American Sniper’

Even with rave reviews for his performance as Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the former nominee tells Howard this probably isn't his year

January 6, 2015

Stern Show regular (and Stern Show superfan) Bradley Cooper stopped by this morning, not only to make newswoman Robin Ophelia Quivers swoon but also to talk about his latest two roles – both of which Howard loved.


Bradley stars in the new hit movie “American Sniper,” which is getting great reviews, especially from Bradley’s longtime supporter Howard.

In the film, Bradley plays war hero Chris Kyle – a Navy SEAL who served four tours in Iraq. Just by listening to Bradley talk about him, it was apparent how much this man and his family meant to Bradley. Neither he nor Howard wanted to spoil the movie for the audience, but to prepare to play a SEAL Bradley had to put on 45 pounds of muscle. It got to the point where he could dead-squat 415 pounds, which Howard couldn’t even fathom.

He also got to choose who directed the film and, without hesitation, he offered the job to Clint Eastwood. He had a great time working with Mr. Eastwood (maybe he can call him Clint but we can’t).

Bradley actually found it easier to adapt his character’s Southern boy drawl all day, rather than slip into it for shooting, and Mr. Eastwood used to make fun of him for his Daniel Day Lewis approach.

Bradley doesn’t think he’ll be nominated for an Oscar this year – which is a rarity for him – because the other award nominations have already come out, and he wasn’t nominated.

This bums him out for the simple fact that if this man’s story would win an Academy Award, Bradley would feel really good for the man and his family.


After bulking up for American Sniper, Bradley lost 40 pounds to play the frail Elephant Man, which he does without make-up or prosthetics. It’s a role that really means a lot to him.

Howard (who famously does the definitive Elephant Man voice) has tried to get Bradley to do the character for him for years, but Bradley was too sensitive to the deformed gentleman’s legacy.

Well, today was the day! Bradley asked the cameras be turned off – he has to really contort his face to get it right – and he and Howard talked back and forth as dueling Elephant Men. Bradley couldn’t stop laughing, but Howard kept it together.

The role is incredibly physically demanding, Bradley twists his body out of shape for two hours each performance. He gets massaged in the day to prepare himself, but he loves the role. The play is a massive hit on Broadway and he’s hoping to take the production to London. If you’re in New York, you’ve got to check it out.