Covering the Waterfront with the Legendary Dan Aykroyd

Howard and been waiting his whole career to interview Saturday Night Live legend and bona fide movie star Dan Aykroyd. It was one of the very early things he and the great Fred Norris bonded over when they first met in Hartford in the late 1970s.

There was so much to cover – such a long and legendary career – that the interview covered quite a lot of ground.

Here are the highlights of Howard's fascinating conversation with Dan:

Though it's highly unusual for someone in comedy, Dan actually had a very happy childhood.

He actually toyed with the idea of becoming a priest – well, sort of. His parents thought seminary school would offer him a better education so he lied to the father and said he was very interested in becoming a priest. In seventh grade, Dan dressed a pig up like the pope, so the Aykroyds were called and informed that he wasn't priest material.

Dan also diagnosed himself with mild Tourette's, and seemed to blame some of it on his seventh grade teacher who would throw things at him.

Naturally, talk quickly turned to Saturday Night Live. Dan was originally just hired as a writer for the legendary sketch show – making $278 per week to write and not being paid anything to perform. Dan eventually grew to resent this and – when he had to pay for something that he thought the network ought to have bought – he kicked a hole in a wall of 30 Rock.

Despite any anger Dan might've felt behind the scenes, he was magical on screen. Both Howard and Fred agreed that Dan was the number one cast member in the show's history. They both loved his legendary Nixon impression, he and Steve Martin as 'Two wild and crazy guys!' and, naturally, the Coneheads.

Dan cited a Coneheads sketch as the one time he might have broken character on Saturday Night Live, though neither Howard, Robin, nor Fred could remember him ever not being perfect.

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Then, of course, there are the movies. Oh the movies!

He and his most famous partner-in-crime, the late great John Belushi, hit the big screen in the iconic Blues Brothers movie. They really had to convince the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, to get into that waitress outfit for her big diner scene.

Dan maintains that the movie would've done even better if it had been properly distributed – certain states in the southeast were not into showing a movie with so many black cast members.

Fun fact: while Dan was never much into coke himself, there was a budget for cocaine on the Blues Brothers set.

Then the guy wrote Ghostbusters for chrissake. Unfortunately, his buddy John Belushi died while Dan was writing the part for him – he was literally writing a line for John when he got the news that he died. Eventually, Bill Murray was cast as the movie got bade – though it was lighter in tone than Dan intended.

Dan would love to work with Bill again, but he doesn't think that's likely. 'I don't think we will ever work together again. I've written four scripts for him and it's very tough to get him to read them.'

And then there was Sunday night's enormous SNL 40 tribute show celebrating the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live. Howard was very confused by Eddie Murphy's awkward and very short 'performance', but Dan was unshaken. Still, he admitted 'I would have loved it if he'd just gone off...he could've riffed on that audience and just RIPPED it.'

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When Howard learned that Dan Aykroyd's beautiful wife Donna Dixon was out in the green room, he couldn't resist meeting her.

Donna is probably most famous for the show Bosom Buddies, and she did a few movies, but got out of the Hollywood racket in 1995, preferring to concentrate on science and looking for dinosaur bones and educating the Aykroyd children.

She was dating Paul Stanley of KISS when she met Dan, but even a guy with cat make-up can't stand in the way of fate, and she broke it off with Paul to be with Dan.

As for himself, Dan was dating Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, but that didn't work out either – and neither one of them seem to be complaining.