Seth Meyers' 1-Year Anniversary on 'Late Night'

A roundup of all the great moments of the late-night host's recent Stern Show appearance

Late Night host Seth Meyers – who is celebrating one strong year as host of the legendary show – stopped by this morning and everyone was glad he did.

Howard wanted to cover a few topics with Seth that had popped up in the news recently – and, thankfully, Seth was game


Not only does Seth work for NBC, where NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was just suspended for six months for embellishing a story about being shot down in a helicopter – but Seth even interviewed Brian's daughter Allison Williams just last week at the 92nd Street Y. He got Allison's first – and maybe only – comment on her dad and, unsurprisingly, her comment was that she trusts him.

Seth is friendly with both of them and he, like Howard, doesn't think Brian's embellished story was such an enormous deal. Seth called Brian a good storyteller and Howard pointed out that all he wants in a news anchor is someone who can smoothly read the news.

As for Allison's now-infamous 'ass-eating' scene from Girls. Seth said he and Allison spent about twenty-five minutes talking about that scene. Seth thought it was actually pretty well-written. The guy who is eating says 'I love that' and Allison responds 'I love you too'.

SNL 40

The party after last week's huge SNL 40 extravaganza seemed just as cool as the actual even. There was a stage with instruments on racks and it started with Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd doing blues songs. Then McCartney gets up and Taylor Swift gets up. Elvis Costello is doing Pump it Up. Debbie Harry, Michael Bolton brought the house down.

'How do you top this?' Seth said they were all thinking. 'The answer is Prince.' The purple paisley God got up and did Let's Go Crazy and even let them keep the lights on.


Speaking of Saturday Night Live, Howard asked about the rumor that Lorne is grooming Seth to take over Saturday Night Live once he retires. Is that something Seth would actually try to tackle?

Seth said it's not something he'd do right now and he doesn't know if he'd ever be up for it. Following Lorne Michaels in that role is as daunting a task as they come. Also, they tried replacing him once and it didn't work.


Since the entire landscape of Late Night has shifted or is about to shift, Howard asked what Seth thinks of the guy who is replacing Craig Ferguson as Late Night's chief competition – James Corden.

Seth said he's a lovely guy, but if you're making your decision based on patriotism, you have to stick with Seth (Corden is British).


Howard pressed Seth on his very very close relationship with Stern Show superfan Amy Poehler and he insisted that nothing romantic has ever happened between them. They're just as close as friends can be. But, Seth did allow that everyone in the improve scene in Chicago in the 1990s wanted to make out with Amy.

Finally, Howard wanted to give a voice to the voiceless, so he had some Questions From the Homeless just for Seth!

The first guy asked what the secret to Seth's success was and Seth responded that it's hard work and surrounding yourself with the right people.

The second guy asked 'something something something Jay Z something Jay Z something?' Seth guessed that he was asking if he'd ever have Jay Z on the show and his answer was an enthusiastic yes.

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