Our Man Smoove

Few debut guests have made a splash in the past few years like the great JB Smoove did when he came in in 2013. So when he came back for round two today, everybody was excited.

Aside from this show you probably know JB from Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Last Comic Standing, or the terrific Chris Rock movie 'Top Five'.

First off, why did he go with 'Smoove' instead of 'Smooth' as a last name. Well, basically it was because 'Smoove' was all his own – it's not an actual word – so people actually ask him if it's his real last name. Plus, it was the early nineties hip-hop and he was in a dance duo and 'Groove and Smooth' is very 'early nineties hip-hop dance duo'.

Changing your name can sometimes be necessary. 'No disrespect,' JB announced, 'but Robin Quivers is a f*cked up name. Drop that damn last name!'

While we think Robin Quivers is the most beautiful name in the world, JB argued that 'Quivers' seems fearful, and Robin is a very strong woman. (Hey, she beat JD Harmeyer at arm-wrestling)

Everyone who worked with JB at Saturday Night Live admits that he was the funniest writer in every pitch meeting, including recent Stern Show guest Bill Hader, who could barely talk about JB without cracking up.

Some of JB's rejected SNL sketches include Johnny Knoxville as a detective who solves crimes by drinking pee, Steve Martin smoking an extra-long cigarette, a family of helicopter pilots who live their whole lives as if they're piloting helicopters, and a villain so evil he has two eye-patches.

JB's other musings:

You should never talk up how big you penis is, if you've got one, you've got one. Also, what if your penis meets the wrong p*ssy? Nobody ever talks about that.

JB's not sure he wants to be an A list celebrity A list celebrities can't even eat spaghetti at an outdoor restaurant. Everyone will be staring and snapping pictures and saying 'Look, it's Howard Stern slurping spaghetti!'

Regarding his Curb co-star Larry David's comments to Howard that he would be a great coach for the Jets, JB had this to say: 'I know Larry and Larry's ass can't coach no goddamn team. Larry, I love you but goddamnit you ain't gonna be my coach!'

As for the future of Curb Your Enthusiasm, JB doesn't want the series to be over. He wants a nice round ten seasons because it looks better in a box set.

Who knows what Larry will do, though. JB's been to Larry's house: 'Larry had money stacked up in the shape of furniture. Have you ever seen $10,000 shaped like an ottoman?'

JB is the man, so go see him live and check out his show, 'Four Courses'.