Imagine Dragons Makes Their Stern Show Debut

Rock band performs 2 hits live and sits down for a wide-ranging interview

The huge hit band Imagine Dragons stopped by this morning to play not just one, but two songs.

They talked about turning a house in a shitty neighborhood into a recording studio – they worked it out that they wouldn't rat out their drug-dealing neighbors if the neighbors didn't complain about the noise.

They talked about their enormous hit 'Radioactive', which they performed for Howard. It was written quickly and they were told that it was way too heavy for Top 40. In fact, Interscope said it was the one song that wouldn't be a hit on the record.

And then there's family life. Two of the band members are Mormon, and the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, still struggles with religion. Dan married another musician and they're still together with a daughter - but it's not always easy.

Check out Imagine Dragons' new song 'Shot' from their album 'Smoke + Mirrors'.