Erik and Donnie: A Love Scene

Today was the day millions and millions of people had been anticipating for a long time – well, just under a week.

The fattest member of the Wack Pack – High Pitch Erik got to meet his hero, idol, and sexual fantasy – Donnie Wahlberg.

In case you don't recall, Erik claims he isn't gay but he beats off to the show Blue Bloods and Donnie Wahlberg. He basically said he would blow Donnie and eat his ass and do all kinds of things, but only if he were 'playing' the character of Jenny McCarthy.

'I want to eat your ass so bad. I'm gonna blow you so hard; it's gonna feel so gooood,' Erik moaned in his signature high register.

What's more, Erik desperately wants to appear on 'Blue Bloods'. Now, while his love for Donnie seems genuine, could Erik possibly just be using his powerful sexuality to get ahead in show business? We may never know.

Will all this in mind, Erik and Donne acted out two beautiful, stirring scenes together on the air – one romantic gem where Erik played Donnie's wife and one hard-hitting interrogation scene where Erik brought the character of a drug dealer to life.

When they were done and the audience had recovered, Donnie walked over and sat on Erik's lap for some improv. 'I'm a female,' Erik emoted, 'and females are about piercing their vaginas.' Not surprisingly, Erik didn't seem to know that all females don't pierce their vaginas.

Erik was smitten and Donnie promised to try to get Erik some kind of cameo role on Blue Bloods. 'Mark [Wahlberg] does not exist to me', Erik enthused. He only has eyes for one Wahlberg.